For every IMC bottle cooler ordered and invoiced between now and 30 September 2018 the dealer will receive points. (See table below.) The dealer with the highest number of points will win a big day out for themselves and some of their team at a major UK sporting event. (As well as some brilliant runner up prizes too!)

See below to find out how you can score the most points and get your team to the top of the table.


Any refrigertion from the IMC range this summer and climb the group table in the IMC Summer Of Sport draw.


A day of corporate hospitality at a major sporting event for your team


Warm drinks with a fantastic 3 Year Warranty on all coolers ordered this summer

Summer is in full swing and what a summer it’s been so far!

With all the hot weather of late and the huge sporting events happening, the World Cup, Tour de France, F1, Le Mans, the US Open, Wimbeldon, the British Open and Rugby World Cup Sevens to name but a few……. Well, it got the team here at IMC thinking………..  Let’s keep the feel good factor going…..”

The sun is cracking the pavement and splitting the trees and the England team have done us all proud and exceeded every expectation at the World Cup.  We wanted to keep momentum going!  So with this in mind, the team here at IMC wanted to give you, our faithful customers, a world class promotion.  Even though it isn’t coming home this time, there’s a good chance if you’re watching the final or any other major sporting event over the coming months, it’ll be in your local with friends enjoying a few cold ones.  But what if the cold ones you’re expecting just aren’t that cold at all and nearer room temperature instead?  There’s nothing worse!

So, in a bid to keep Britain’s drinks cold and smiles on the faces of sport fans everywhere, the folks at IMC have come up with a plan to banish warm drinks, sub-standard refrigeration and broken bottle coolers…… Read on!


We’ll also do everything we can (within reason) to get as close as we can to the price you would usually pay for your bottle coolers**.  Just get in touch with your Account Manager (and bear in mind to compare like with like).

Now…….  Here’s the kicker, all bottle coolers ordered during this promotional period will also come as standard with a 3 year parts and labour warranty***.  No, that’s not a typo…. 3 years, which means you can offer even more peace of mind to your clients.

Everyone wins!  You get the most competitive pricing we can offer, sell the best products on the market and the chance of winning some amazing prizes in the process.  Your clients get bottle coolers that actually cool drinks quickly, 3-year peace of mind, and most importantly – happy customers.

Then what are you waiting for?


“It’s really very simple.  For every IMC bottle cooler ordered and invoiced between now and the 30th September 2018, you (our amazing customer) will collect points (see T’s & C’s).  The IMC customer with the highest number of points at the end of the qualifying period will receive an amazing day of being wined and dined corporate hospitality style at a huge sporting event for themselves and several colleagues*, and trust us, it’s a blinder!  There’s also some brilliant runner up prizes for second and third places too which are well worth having.”

Ventus V1353 door Ventus bottle coole10
Ventus V90 22 door Ventus bottle cooler9
Ventus V601 door Ventus bottle cooler8
Frostar Front opening glass froster8
BM RangeTop loading bottle coolers6
Mistral M1353 door Mistral bottle cooler9
Mistral M902 door Mistral bottle cooler 8
Mistral TC60Tall standing, 1 door Mistral bottle cooler8
Mistral M601 door Mistral bottle cooler7
BarcoolerModular back bar cooler6
Hurricane H902 door Hurricane bottle cooler5
Hurricane H601 door Hurricane bottle cooler5


For more information, or to arrange a meeting, please contact your Regional Sales Manager:

North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland – Chris Currie, 07976 428 519 or

The Central region – Stuart Grieves, 07527 040 888 or

South East – Ben Hounslow, 07530 994 675 or

South West – Nick Gunster, 07976 411 729 or

Terms and conditions:

  1. Promotion only valid in the UK for bottle coolers ordered, invoiced and delivered by 30th September 2018.
  2. Offer is only valid to trade customers.
  3. Each bottle cooler will be allocated a certain number of points depending on the type ordered. Please see points table.
  4. At the end of the promotional period the customer with the highest cumulative number of points will be awarded the prize of first position. The customer with second highest number of points will be awarded the second prize, and the customer with the third highest number of points will be awarded the third prize.  There are no prizes for 4th place and below.
  5. *There are limited spaces available for first place. As a result, it may not be possible for all of your team to attend the corporate hospitality day.  Details of which to follow very soon!
  6. **IMC wherever possible will look to match the price of another manufacturers bottle cooler of a similar industry standard. In order to do this, you must speak with and obtain an IMC quote for the goods.  IMC’s decision on discounts, comparable goods and pricing is final.
  7. At the end of the promotional period all promotional discounts return to standard account discounts.
  8. *** 3-year warranty is only valid for items purchased within the promotional period. Purchases after the promotion will revert back to the standard 2-year warranty.  Apart from the warranty length, all other warranty terms & conditions remain the same.
  9. IMC has the right to cancel this promotion at any time without notification.
  10. IMC has the right to disqualify any customers from the promotion for un-sportsman like conduct. IMC’s decision is final.
  11. Items returned during the qualifying period will result in the deduction of their respective points from the league table. Items returned outside of the qualifying period may also result in points being deducted and prizes being downgraded or lost.  If this is the case, the prize will then fall to the next eligible customer based upon their performance within the qualifying period.  IMC’s decision is final.
  12. To qualify for points with Barcooler, a refrigeration module plus a minimum of one door must be purchased at the same time.
  13. Updates of the current positions will be posted regularly via social media and our web page, so keep an eye out for updates!