Still going strong

The Union Pub and Bar opened in September 2002, following a massive £1.2m extension and refurbishment.

By acquiring the defunct ‘Breakers II’ restaurant from the University, they were able to double the space available for drinkers. Heron Design were chosen to refit the building, with a concept that was bright, durable.

The Union Pub/Bar is the hub of social life on campus at UEA and boasts one of the longest bars in Norfolk, providing the usual Pub like services and also host to a wide selection of special events.

The bar itself was equipped with IMC’s Bartender underbar system, Mistral and Barcooler bottle coolers and after only a year of use, sales were way up on previous year and the Union started using the bar and pub in new ways – closing off the bar for clubs and societies events and entertainments warm ups.

With the initial emphasis on opening being purely on beer sales the IMC equipment  was designed to make best use of the available space providing sales “Stations” for each of the bar staff .

This beer philosophy lasted several years until the trends changed within the union with students requesting a range of cocktails and a greater selection of wines both by the glass and bottle.

It is testament to the flexibility of the IMC equipment that due to the modular design it was flexible enough to cope with this radical change.

In came a wide range of wines and cocktails both by the glass and jug

Now over 60 jugs of cocktails, wine, beer both bottled and draft, spirits, smoothies and juices all being served by 6 bar staff serving the 3000 students on campus.

The IMC equipment helping the staff serve customers faster and more efficiently, with everything required being positioned within just a few steps off the central and customer-facing serving area.