Effective workstation layout produces greater efficiency, as staff can stay within their designated areas, with everything within easy reach. In turn, this leads to greater productivity, faster customer service and higher sales. The clean, modern design of F2 is enhanced by the unique properties of stainless steel.

The result? An underbar system that adds real impact to your business, bringing style and functionality to traditional and modern bars alike. F2 provides ideal working conditions for you and your staff. Each module is engineered to the highest standards and is ergonomically designed to create the perfect working environment.

F2 a revolutionary stainless steel underbar system that offers a unique blend of quality, flexibility and functionality at an amazingly competitive price.


Underbar workstations can also be replaced, moved or added with minimum disruption. Original and stylish form and function come together to make the F2’s specially designed signature worktop drainer.

All F2 modules are produced using the latest manufacturing technology and the most up to date materials, meaning they are hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

Designing and planning a bar with F2 is quick and simple.

Overall Height (mm)920 (+/- 15)
Worktop Height (mm)860
Overall Depth (mm)475
Worktop Depth (mm)450
Unit Width (mm)Varies depending on unit, please check technical specification sheet