Reel Kleen Hose Reels and PR Pre-Rinse Sprays

Reel-Kleen Hose Reels

IMC’s compact, space-saving Reel Kleen Hose Reels can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or floor. Available with hose lengths of 4.5 or 10 metres, they enable all parts of the kitchen wash-up areas to be quickly and hygienically hosed down.

Pre-rinse Spray

IMC’s Pre-rinse Spray units enable food scraps, sauces and juices to be first rinsed quickly and simply from crockery or glassware in order to improve the effectiveness of subsequent cleaning in a dishwasher.


Product code details
F63/100PR1 With water connection
F63/200PR2 With single tap
F63/300 PR3 With mixer tap
O63/PRA11Bracing Spray for island locations
Reach of hose 1.5m
Hose length3m
Dimensions (h x d)866mm x 340mm
Installation information
Water connectionPR1-1/2” BSP F
PR2 & PR3-15mm compression joint
Water feed15mm copper pipe
Water pressure range0.4 to 5 bar (4 to 50m head)
Water temperature 65OC (150OF) maximum65oC (150oF) maximum
Fixings Wall bracket adjustable 35mm - 180mm35mm - 180mm
Lightweight heat insulated spray head
Protective rubber bumper on spray head
Stainless steel spirally wound covered hose
Stainless steel vertical tube
Wall bracket for vertical tube
Shipping specification
Packing dimensions (h x w x d)1220mm x 440mm x 80mm
Packing volume0.042m3
Packing weight (gross/net) PR15kg/4kg
Packing weight (gross/net) PR26kg/5kg
Packing weight (gross/net) PR37kg/6kg
Product code details
U05/013Reel Kleen 15 (RK15)
U05/012Reel Kleen 35 (RK35)
Reach of hose RK154.5m (15ft)
Dimensions (h x w x d)560mm x 92mm x 313mm
Reach of hose RK3510m (35ft)
Dimensions (h x w x d)640mm x 194mm x 384mm
Installation information
Water connection3/8” IPS Female
Water feed15mm copper pipe
Water pressure range2.1 to 13.8 bar (30 to 200 PSI)
Water temperature 65OC (150OF) maximum82oC (180oF) maximum
Reinforced rubber hose
Re-coil system
Built-in multi-bracket for wall or ceiling mounting
Shipping specification
Reel Kleen 15 (RK15)
Packing dimensions (h x w x d)390mm x 330mm x 18mm
Packing volume0.023m3
Packing weight (gross/net)9kg/8kg
Reel Kleen 35 (RK35)
Packing dimensions (h x w x d)510mm x 290mm x 380mm
Packing volume0.056m3
Packing weight (gross/net)17kg/14kg