Food waste comprises of up to 80% liquid and can be extremely costly to dispose of. WasteStation CR combines an inlet station, which can be sited in the kitchen area, to grind the food waste into fine particles. These particles can be pumped up to 55m away were they are fed into a remote dewatering system. Through centrifugal action, the dewatering system forces out the excess liquid from the macerated waste. This “grey water” is fed directly to drain; the resulting solid fraction of the food waste is collected in 240 litre bins, ready for collection and onward processing.

The WasteStation CR is built to ensure a long operating life, with each unit being constructed from hygienic stainless steel to withstand continuous use in the most demanding of applications.


The WasteStation CR combines an inlet station for maceration, pumping system and remote dewatering system. This new unit is intended for integration in a wide variety of kitchen sizes; it is used for the disposal of organic kitchen waste and offers dewatering and waste reduction options where distance, labour or space restrictions are an issue.

The WasteStation CR offers the following benefits:

  • Compact Design: The small footprint of the inlet station ensures minimal use of kitchen space.
  • Ultimate convenience: By locating the remote dewatering unit away from the kitchen area waste does not have to be transported manually from the kitchen.
  • Transport Savings: Reduce waste collection costs by up to 80% by reducing the food waste volume and weight requiring collection.
  • Storage Savings: By reducing the waste volume, on site waste storage facility requirements are also reduced.
  • Labour Savings: The self cleaning system reduces staff time managing and processing any food waste.
  • Energy Savings: Compact design and short processing times ensure low operating costs and minimal use of kitchen floor space.
Part No.:
Inlet Station - Macerator and PumpF79/030
Remote Dewatering Unit - Dewatering unit and Collection BinF78/060
Inlet Station (H x W xD)900 x 700 x 700
Remote Dewatering Unit (H x W xD)1876 x 839 x 1055
Electrical Information - Inlet Station
Electrical supply3 phase 400v 50hz
Amps13.5 amps
Water supply1 off ½” cold water supply
Macerator motor2.2kW
Pump motor1.1kW
Pumping Distance55m
Electrical Information - Remote Dewater
Dewater motor 1.1kW 3HP1.1kW
Drainage connection2” outlet
Self cleaning optionYES
Water supply1 off ½” hot / warm water supply
Amps5.5 amps
Drainage connection2 “ UPVC waste connections