IMC supported by Middleby continue to evolve and upgrade the Wrexham production facility.

With the recent delivery of a new Trumpf 3000 punch, we have taken the opportunity to improve the whole factory layout. The new Trumpf will enable the factory to punch 30% more material whilst operating at a lower noise level. The new machine will punch the majority of the fabricated components whilst the existing older machine will focus on the customer specials and on the engineering new product development.

This will allow the production facility to maintain an uninterrupted flow of material through the factory further reducing our product lead times. The project has lead to the implementation of Lean production principles generating more factory space in the process.

Ian Washington (Factory Manager), has since taking over the running of the factory in 2013 been responsible for re-designing and changing the layout of approximately 70% of the factory. These changes have reduced the lead times on the bar bar products for example from 8 weeks to approximately 2 weeks.

Additionally the new layout of the factory has enabled the introduction of the new mini compactor production line whilst freeing up an additional 25% of the factory. The newly found space will be needed for the introduction of new products and the expansion of the refrigeration assembly lines.

Steve Witt – Managing Director


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